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Sleepless in Seattle

For how long did you stay in Seattle?

Why were you staying in Seattle?

Was this your first time? How is this different from your first time?

Do you have any friends or families in Seattle? How close are you with them?

Why is this city so depressing? was it depressing the first time you visited here in 2007?

How was the weather like in Seattle during your stay?

What kind of food did you have?

Can you talk a little bit about your part-time job experience at John’s Handy Mart?

How did you come back home? Were you all by yourself? How did you feel to board on a flight back to Korea? Did you want to come back home or did you want to stay in Seattle? Why?



Party in the U.S.A

I hopped on the plane at LAX
With a dream of my cargidan~

I went to the LA~

It was for my SAT test but I had a great time from in LA.

Hilton Hotel which we stayed a week.


The Meal we ate. In and out/ some rice/ BCD –> my favorite is In And Out


Best drink!!!!


California pudding Pie!!


In front of the In And Out. Famous place..?


Fortune cookies!! in panda express


Santa Monica!!!!!!!

Museum Day!!


  • The Natural History Museum

    It was a very precious experience. We could watch a T-Rax moving. I felt like I’m in the middle of the movie called  “Night of the Museum”.1360237956045.jpg

  • Science Museum

    I think It’s really good for children to play. There was a lot of activities for kids. 1360237957466.jpg

  • V&A Museum (Victoria & Albert Museum)

    It was Interesting that there was a Korea section in the Museum. the_door_of_victoria_and_albert_museum_front_view__london.jpg